The Big Clock

The Best Clock for your Desk or Nightstand

Use your entire screen. Read the Time from Anywhere without glasses or squinting.

Snooze quickly. Easily Turn off Alarm or Snooze with a Tap.

View Weather. Access weather updates right from the clock page. IAP Required. Fast Access to a 10 day forecast. Swipe left on the current weather to view a 10 Day Forecast.

Turn Off Alarms even faster via Notification Actions.

Sleep In. Set Different Alarms for Weekend or Weekdays.


Simple. Great.

All I needed was a simple desk clock that is so big you cannot possibly ignore it. It’s Perfect

Love this clock!!!

I’ve been looking for a simple, big easy to read clock and I LOVE this one! Just perfect! You’ve got my vote for the best FREE clock in the App Store!


Now that’s a BIG clock! Works great. I use it to help my kids while teaching them time. It’s easy for them to see. Thanks!